6/58 Lotto Result

6/58 Lotto Results in Today – Check here the PCSO 6/58 lotto results today/ yesterday including the latest update from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. 6/58 Lotto is conducted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 PM.

6/58 Lotto Result

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How much is the Lotto 6/58 ticket?

  • All jackpot-bearing lotto tickets are now prized at P20.00 (#Balikbente program). Tickets are available at the nearest authorized PCSO lotto outlet, inclusive of the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

How to play the 6/58 Lotto?

6/58 Lotto is one of the oldest lottery games administered by the office. To play the 6/58 lotto, a player must choose 6 numbers from 1- 58 and mark it in the playing card.

The player can also mark down the Lucky Pick or LP shall he preferred the machine to choose the numbers for him/her. Moreover, a systematic play is also available for 6/58 Lotto draws for more chances of winning.

Category Winning Nos. Prizes
1st Prize
(Initial Jackpot)
6 out of 6 Numbers Php 49.50 Million
(net of agent’s prize commission)
2nd Prize 5 out of 6 Numbers Php 120,000.00
3rd Prize 4 out of 6 Numbers Php 2,000.00
4th Prize 3 out of 6 Numbers Php 100.00

How to claim the 6/58 Lotto Prize?

If you win in the 6/58 lotto, be sure to write your name and affix the signature behind the winning ticket. Bring and present two (2) valid IDs for verification.

You may claim the prize at the following locations:

Amount Where to claim?
Php 20.00 up to Php 10,000.00 Authorized PCSO outlet near you
Php 10,000.00 up to Php 300,000.00 PCSO Branch near you
Jackpot Prize PCSO Main Office located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

The jackpot prize is taxable by 20% pursuant to TRAIN Law. A 1% commission will also be given to the PCSO agent where the winning ticket was bought.

Major Games Jackpot Prize

You may also want to have an overview of the latest jackpot prize of the following major lottery games of PCSO.

Major Lotto Draw Jackpot Prize
6/58 Ultra Lotto Php 49.5 Million+
6/58 Grand Lotto Php 66 Million+
6/58 Super Lotto Php 31.5 Million+
6/45 Mega Lotto Php 8.9 Million+
6/58 Lotto Php 60.5 Million+

History of PCSO LOTTO:

 The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO under the leadership of officials of the government raises money through the tickets of Lotto. The collected funds direct accumulate in the President Funding account that is only for social welfare services. For Philippine Government, PCSO Lotto is one of the means of collecting revenue.

First-time Lotto Gameshow with the name of Philippine Lotto draw, was launched in 1995. It gained immense popularity nationwide. In 2016 it changed its name to PCSO Lotto Draw. The show named Hand of Pasasalamat sa Pamilyang was launching on October 27, 2019, and it was a part of the PSCO 85th anniversary festivals. Selected five families from barangay will receive different products such as cash and food essentials from the sponsor of PCSO. This show takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

How to Buy a Lotto Ticket? 

Playing the PSCO Lotto draw is a quick and easy process. The main things to play this game are:

  • If you have a keen interest in winning a lottery, you have to visit the nearby official outlet of PCSO, where you will buy the ticket.
  • The computer will register your selected preferred number of six digits that will be your Lucky Pick.
  • Now, you will pay for your ticket and scan it. This process will give you your final lottery ticket with your selected numbers.
  • Keep this ticket safe and keep on visiting the PCSO official page or social media.
  • Remember that only an 18-year-old individual is eligible to purchase the ticket and claim the winning prize.

 Cost of the Lotto Tickets:

These lottery tickets are not expensive at all. Just like the buying process, buying a lottery ticket is affordable. All lottery tickets with a jackpot are of P20.00. Moreover, tickets include the Documentary Stamp Tax, are available from approved PCSO lotto stores near you (DST).

Lotto New Schedule of Games

  • Ultra Lotto 6/58 – Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9PM
  • Grand Lotto 6/58 – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9PM
  • Super Lotto 6/58 – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9PM
  • Mega Lotto 6/45 – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM
  • Lotto 6/58 – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9PM
  • 3D Lotto – Monday to Sunday at 2PM, 5PM and 9PM
  • 2D Lotto – Monday to Sunday at 2PM, 5PM and 9PM
  • 6D Lotto – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9PM
  • 4D Lotto – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM
  • STL Pares, Swer3 & Swer2 – Monday to Sunday for Visayas and Mindanao at 10:30AM, 3PM and 7PM
  • STL Swer4 – Monday to Sunday for Mindanao area at 7PM

Quick Reminders for Lotto Games

The lotto prize ticket, in case you won, has one (1) year validity. Likewise, the player has the sole responsibility for checking the accuracy of the data printed on the ticket(s) including bet type, bet amount, the draw date you want to enter and the numbers you want to play.

Interested players below eighteen (18) years old are not allowed to play any of the PCSO games.

Additionally, winning tickets are equipped with security features, so do not try to claim fake or tampered tick

What About Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)

Before playing the game, you must understand it thoroughly. PSCO lottery is a jackpot service that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO runs. It is the government institute that collects and issues the money for welfare programs in the country. The issues hit by these programs include; Health, education, charity, and other welfare services. PCSO raises the money by arranging different programs. Lotteries game is one of them. The funds that PCSO collects from selling the lottery tickets are utilized for fundraising and other charity services in the country.

PCSO has issued a television game program that is called PCSO Lottery Draw. This program airs regularly on their main TV channel in which hundreds of employees work, and thousands of people watch it religiously. This popular show includes a fixed amount of prize money that people play nationwide. There is a range of lottery prizes with different lottery tickets and criteria.

How to claim the prize?

When a player wins a lottery worth 20 to 10,000 PHP, he can claim that amount from the officials of the PCSOs office or any nearby relevant outlet. On the other hand, the player, who wins the prize money above 10,000 PHP, has to contact the PSCO branch office or the main office. The main office is in the main city of the Philippines, Mandaluyong. Moreover, the winner of any jackpot and prize money above 30,000 will contact the main branch of PCSO. The PSCO there sets the validation criteria to follow for security reasons.

For the winners, here is the four-step formula to follow;

  • If you are the legitimate winner of the 6/58 and 6/58 games, be sure to write your name and sign the winning ticket. Two (2) valid IDs must buy and presented for verification.
  • 20% TAX According to TRAIN Law, the jackpot reward is taxed at a rate of 20%. The PCSO agent where the players purchased the winning ticket will additionally get a 1% commission.
  • The PCSO validates all winning tickets. Furthermore, the PCSO is serious about dealing with counterfeited/tampered tickets and will not honor any used to claim rewards.
  • Similarly, rewards worth less than P10,000 can claim at the nearest PCSO branch.

The winners who win the jackpot or heavy amounts have to go through a complex procedure. The PCSO authority provides money as a whole. That means the winner cannot get it in installments. Moreover, twenty percent of the amount of the lottery goes to the PCOS as a tax deduction amount. The winner can get the cash through a check or directly transfer the whole amount to its bank account.

Criteria to Play Lotto

Here are specific rules to remember while playing for lotto tickets;

  • Tax Factor

The winner is unable to take all the money with him. Under a revenue policy of the Philippines, which is known as TRAIN law (tax-related), that 20 percent of the winning price is the tax money. That means a 10,000 PHP amount is overall a tax amount from the jackpot of the winner.

  • No cap on the jackpot prize

The PCSO authority has a set of rules and regulations that illustrate that the Lotto Game does not follow the exact ceiling amount for the lottery.

  • Advertisement Policy

Due to Lotto’s popularity and demand, the lottery prize has reached the 1 billion PHP amount. The demand for ticket buying is also getting at peak with 800% at least. So, the PCSO keeps on changing the policies as per its selling demand without any advertising policy. Thus, no one can estimate the exact jackpot amount of the year.

  • Not Restricted

It is not limited to the Philippines only; foreigners and tourists can also participate in the Lotto game show. Thus, they can win the jackpot ultimately. So, this game show is for both locals and foreigners that are above 18 years old age.

  • Chances to win

The chances to win the Ultra Lotto jackpot is 1:40 million as per the PCSO report.

  • Conditions

You must provide the exact information with the validated ticket number that is not tampered with or erased. The ticket must be in good condition. Moreover, citizen above 18 is eligible to buy the ticket and win the jackpot amount.

  • Validation process

When you win the Lotto amount, here is a proper validation procedure. You have to provide documentation with your identity cards and official sign.


Easy and quick earning is what everyone wants. Thus, winning the lottery amount is the same incredible and mesmerizing experience. If you win a small money prize Lotto, you can buy the necessary things for you and your loved one. If you win a jackpot, you can be a millionaire in no time. On the other hand, this lottery experience can make you confused, sick, and fussy. It can negatively impact your mental health if you do not win the prize, while in the case of winning, it will become difficult for you to manage a large amount in one go. Many people get psychologically ill due to these lottery games.