7 New On Page SEO Techniques

1. Maintain a Level of Reading

The first and most important goal every content writer should have is to provide comprehensible content. We know that every Google user is not a highly educated person.

What I mean by that is, your post should contain a small percentage of ‘Flesch Reading Ease Test’ sentences. So that, the whole age group understands your content. This leads to better traffic generation.

2. Site Speed

Make sure your site is up to date. We all know that users can’t wait more than a few seconds to load their pages. To quickly load your pages, remove unwanted content from your posts. This is one of the easiest ways to OnPage Optimization.

3. Use Photos and Videos

Every Search Engine Optimizer should use images and videos in its content. Because people will easily understand anything by looking at photos and videos.

Using InfoGraphics (Show a direct message with a single image) for your content is also a great SEO Strategy on the Page.

4. Google Voice Search

The community has changed its search method. Nowadays people use to simply ask their questions in Google Voice Search. By doing this work they get answers easily. For this reason, search engine enhancements need to be updated by switching to Google Voice Search.

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5. Post to Yahoo! & Bing

The latest approach to SEO On-Page Optimization publishes our articles on Yahoo! & Bing. We are working on publishing our posts to Google. However, a recent study announced that it was publishing a post on Yahoo! & Bing will result in additional traffic.

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6. Switch to ‘HTTPS’

Most content writers will use the HTTP protocol when publishing their articles. Here is a new way to increase site traffic. Switch to the HTTPS protocol from HTTP. And it was the most popular method of SEO On-Page Optimization.

7. Use keywords in comments

Getting traffic through comments is also an important way for On-Page SEO Techniques. Because Google bots will process comments and posts. Some users will leave longer comments. Authors can use those words. Whenever the authors get a big comment add one or two keywords to that comment. gaming laptop under 800

Do not enter keywords. Comments should look natural even after adding keywords. This way, writers can generate more traffic through comments in their posts.

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