Microsoft has developed the Office suite with various applications centered on the daily work of each user. Each of them has a particular design. So, for users who manage large amounts of data, Excel is the ideal solution for those who need to perform PowerPoint presentations are your allies, and so is Word for all file themes.

One of the applications that are part of the Office suite but not installed by default is SharePoint, which we can obtain through various payment methods.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint was designed with an enterprise approach to building websites. By implementing SharePoint, it will be possible to use it as a centralized and safe place where we can store, organize or share information using different devices that allow access to information through a browser like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Tasks in SharePoint

Some of the tasks that we can perform in SharePoint are:

  • Upload files to the SharePoint document library so you can access them from any location or device.
  • Work with other users on the same document simultaneously in real-time.
  • Open a document in a library.
  • Share documents with more users.
  • Create a group site.
  • Share different sites.
  • Add a list or library to the group site and many other actions.
  • One of the most performed tasks in SharePoint is creating workflows.

What is a SharePoint workflow Automation?

SharePoint Workflow automation were created to allow users to collaborate on documents and from there manage project tasks, making it easy to implement specific processes in documents, files, or items in a SharePoint site. . In this way, the workflow acts as a set of automated tasks of documents and elements using a sequence of actions or tasks related to a technical process.

This is associated with a business logic that forms a set of instructions where indications are given and where all actions that may affect the document or the element integrated into the workflow are controlled. Workflow has the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improvements in the time it takes to coordinate business processes.

Uses of SharePoint workflow

A SharePoint site includes various workflows designed to work in several common business scenarios:

Collect Feedback: With this flow, a document or item is redirected to a group of people to give and send their feedback.

Approval: When using this flow, the document or item is arranged for a group of people to give their approval.

Signature Collection: This flow directs a Microsoft Office document to a group of people to have their digital signatures collected.

Three states: This is a special workflow, as it can be implemented for administration processes where there is a need to track one or more volumes of issues or items, such as technical support incidents, commercial campaigns, etc.

Publishing Approval: This is the same process as Approval, as it automates the sending of content to expert users for review and approval.


The availability of a feed is associated with the location of the site and depending on where it is added, some options are:

  • If a feed is added to a list content type, that feed will only be enabled for items of that same content type in the associated list or library.
  • If a feed is added directly to a list or library, it will only be available to items in that list or library in SharePoint.
  • If we add a feed to a site content type, it will only be available to all items of that content type in lists and libraries where an instance with that content has been added.

When a workflow is created in SharePoint, Microsoft Flow is integrated to configure workflows for lists and libraries in both the SharePoint Online platform and OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft Flow was developed to automate tasks between SharePoint and other Office 365s, as well as third-party services, to receive notifications, sync files, collect data, and more.  

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