Are video slots welcome bonuses responsible for the popularity of some games?

Online casino slot gamers who have stuck around the scene for a while now will know the importance of using rewards and welcome bonuses in video slots. They will say that if you are gliding through video slots without even considering the welcome bonuses that are on offer then you are no online casino slot player at all!

With all that being said, it can begin to seem a little clear that welcome bonuses can more often than not be responsible for the popularity of that pay by mobile slots game. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Surely if a slot game has a really good-looking welcome bonus then that could be partly, or mostly, responsible for its popularity.

We are here to uncover whether welcome bonuses, in video slots, are entirely responsible for the popularity of some slot games or if there are other factors at play.

Why could the welcome bonus be responsible for the popularity of an online video slot game?

There are obviously a bunch of reasons that a slot game can get to be popular – do not worry we will get to that later – but, here are the key reasons that indicate that welcome bonuses are solely responsible for some video slots popularity:

  •         The welcome bonus for an online video slot is usually the first thing you see when you search online. Before you see any content regarding the game itself, users will be presented with a bargain of a lifetime!
  •         On top of this, humans are really just simple creatures who cannot turn down a decent offer if they come across one.
  •         This results in igamers going for the welcome offer on a video slot that looks the most attractive, instead of playing a game they are genuinely more interested in, just to get the free cash and spins.
  •         The welcome bonus’ responsibility on the popularity of some video slot games is therefore down to the person who wants a cheap buck wherever possible!

What are the other factors that are responsible for the popularity of video slots aside from welcome bonuses?

It can seem as though welcome bonuses rule the online world and that we are all just suckers to a sweet deal. Fortunately for us, there is a little more to it than just good offers and flashing lights.

Here are the other main reasons why igamers find particular video slots to be more attractive:

Graphics Players who are really into their animations will be able to appreciate the craftwork that has gone into an online slot game, not just the welcome bonus!
Jackpots There is obviously the big jackpot that grabs a player’s attention. Like it or not, we are suckers for that big number!
Quality You would be kidding yourself if you thought that you played online slot games without even considering the quality of them.
Themes Some people like Star Wars, others are Trekkies. Either way, there is always a theme for you and it beats any welcome bonus.


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