Cryptojacking – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Cryptojacking is a form of cryptocurrency mining done on someone else’s computer without their knowledge. It requires the use of malware and a cryptocurrency miner. It runs in the background while you’re using your machine. 

Cryptojacking programs make money by using your processor without your permission. They do so in a way that makes it hard to detect or trace back to the mining software itself. So far, most people who have been affected by cryptojacking have experienced little more than slower-than-usual internet speeds or slightly increased power usage (which can also result from other factors).

Cryptojacking Is a Procedure

Cryptojacking is a procedure in which hackers secretly use your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency. When it comes to cryptojacking, the hacker can either use your CPU or GPU (graphics processing unit) to mine crypto.

The most popular cryptocurrency that hackers target with cryptojacking is Monero and Zcash. These two coins are highly valued on the market. It makes sense for hackers who want to make money off of cryptojacking to mine these types of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptomining involves getting paid in cryptocurrency for performing tasks that help verify blockchain transactions. The most common way this happens is through ‘mining pools’. Users join forces with others and share their resources in exchange for rewards based on how much effort each person puts into verifying blocks of transactions on the network. 

The most famous example of this kind of pool system is Bitcoin Gold Pool (btgpool). That currently pays out approximately 0.01 BTC per block found by its miners – just over $100 at today’s prices!

Alternatively, you can seek the various routes available to purchase cryptocurrency. You can buy crypto with a credit card or other prevailing modes of payment. You can also check the option to convert cryptocurrency to fiat.

How Does It Work?

Cryptojacking is a form of cryptocurrency theft, in which hackers use malware to hijack other people’s computers. They use their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

It works by mining digital coins on your computer without your knowledge or permission. The hacker will place malicious code on websites you visit or software you download. The code will run in the background. It can also be hidden inside an ad that automatically plays when you’re browsing the web. It might be installed through apps available for download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

What Is the Damage Caused by Crypto Mining?

Cryptojacking can cause serious damage to your device. It’s not just a matter of slowing it down or making your computer run hot. Cryptojacking scripts can also cause your device to overheat, drain the battery, and even crash.

The more important thing you need to know about cryptojacking is that it’ll slow down your computer’s performance and hurt its lifespan. The more resources you dedicate to mining, the more damage it’ll do. Some cryptocurrency miners are designed to use all of a computer’s processing power (or even go on forever). 

They can cause severe strain on devices with limited resources like laptops and smartphones. If you’re using an infected device with limited RAM or processing power, expect things like lag times between actions (when loading web pages or opening apps). It crashes while using essential apps such as Word or Outlook or even shuts down entirely when too much stress is put on hardware components.

How Can I Protect My Devices From Cyber Attacks?

Here are some steps you can take to protect your devices from cryptojacking:

Make use of a VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) is an internet encryption service. It routes it through an intermediate server in the location you choose. This disguising of your device’s true location makes it more difficult for hackers to discover you. By utilizing a VPN, you may also improve the speed with which websites load on your device, making online browsing more enjoyable overall.

Install an adblocker extension on your browser(s). Ad Blocking extensions like Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin prevent cryptojacking by preventing code from running in the background when you visit certain websites or view certain advertisements. If no code runs, no crypto mining takes place!

Install anti-virus/anti-malware software on all devices that connect to open networks often (e.g., phones or laptops with Wi-Fi capability). Anti-virus software combats viruses that may infect computers with malicious software designed for nefarious purposes. It can include mining cryptocurrency without permission. 

Anti-malware software does likewise but focuses specifically on malware designed specifically for cyberattacks. These can be cryptojacking attacks against unsuspecting victims who think they’re just watching an innocent video clip or reading some fun content online. They do not realize their computer has been infected by something much worse than just getting sick after finding out how many people die each year from food poisoning!

Cryptojacking Can Cause Serious Damage

Cryptojacking can cause serious damage to your device. Here are some of the ways that cryptojacking can negatively impact your computer:

Hacking into your processor and using it to mine cryptocurrency. This can slow down or crash your computer, causing you to lose data and waste time for no reason.

Hijacking memory space to mine cryptocurrency. This means that the normal operations of your computer will be slowed down. It is because there is less RAM available for other operations such as browsing the web or opening programs like Microsoft Word on Windows 10 computers. 

It uses a lot more memory than older operating systems like Windows 7 with just 2GB total RAM available between both user accounts (user account 1 has 1GB while user account 2 has another GB).

In addition to this, unwanted activity slows everything down on your machine. There are also other reasons why you might notice problems with using your PC after installing malicious software onto it through adware attacks such as cryptojacking.


Cryptojacking is a procedure in which hackers secretly use your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency. The main reason why they do this is to earn money because it can be very profitable. 

Cryptojacking allows them to make money from other people’s devices without their knowledge or consent. That causes damage to the system of infected computers and slows them down considerably.  

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