Different Styles of Poker Games

Besides Texas Hold’em, there are many other types of poker games. Watching tournaments on TV or live streaming on www.okbetcasino.live is a good way for many new players to learn how to play. And, of course, most of these events are Limit Hold’em games. However, the truth is that there are numerous interesting, fun, and diverse poker games.

This article will teach you about some types of poker that aren’t as popular.

Chinese Poker

It is one of the most accessible poker games for people just starting. Every player gets 13 cards. There must be three cards in the “top,” five in the “middle,” and five in the “back” hands. The three-card hand must be the weakest, and the back or bottom writing must be more potent than the middle hand.

In OKBET Chinese Poker, hands are ranked the same way as regular poker. Since there are only three cards in the top hand, it can only be three of a kind, a pair, or a high card. When everyone is happy with their hands, they are put up against each other. The person whose hand is the best gets the point. Since this card game needs three hands, the most points you can get on each hand is three.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Unless you’re a complete beginner, you probably know the different types of poker games that make up the Omaha family. In traditional Hold’em, each player gets four hole cards before seeing the five community cards. The catch is that you can only make a hand with two of the four.

Having Omaha, when you play Hi-Lo, you have two different hands in one. In addition to the usual “high” hand, the best “low” hand also wins a share of the pot. A qualifying low must be eight high or lower, and straights and flushes do not count against you. So a five-high low, like 5-4-3-2-A, would be the best possible low.


In most poker games, you don’t have to make a five-card hand in Badugi. Instead, each player gets only four cards, and the goal of Badugi is to make the best hand possible.

After you get your first hand, there are several betting rounds where you can get rid of cards and new ones. Badugi’s goal is to make a hand with as few points as possible as a type of lowball poker. A Badugi hand, like 4h-3s-2c-Ad, has four different ranks and suits. It is the best possible hand.

Five Card Draw

Even if you’ve never played it right, you might know a little about Five-Card Draw. This game is the basis for popular games like strip poker, and as the name suggests, each player gets five cards. But, unlike Hold’em and Omaha, there are no cards that everyone shares.

Instead, you have to bet based on your first-hand strength. After the first betting round, you can eliminate some or all of your cards. For example, if you throw away three cards, the dealer will give you three more. Whether you draw or not, your hand is always hidden from the other players. 


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