Fancy Ajrak floral printed blouse design for sarees

design for sarees

All the women look beautiful in Indian dresses , Indian dresses enhance the beauty of women. Ajrakh blouses are very comfortable and it’s good to wear daily. Every second women of India wear blouses and it’s our culture. For thousands of years women of southern and northern parts of India. Everyone has to look classy and rich. This design will help you and give you a classy and rich look.

Different types of women have different types of personality and they buy clothes according to that . Ajrakh printed blouses have different types of patterns and designs you can choose according to your personality. Some bold colours of Ajrak blouses are red, Blue, black,maroon, purple and many more. If you have any daughter, sister or bestfriend who is going to get married you can also give them these blouses . These blouses will help her after the wedding when she has to attend any party and especially in reception. Most of the girls and womens of India wear sarees after marriage and in festivals , blouses play an important role in helping them to look beautiful and gorgeous all the time .Love towards women’s blouses will never end .

Professional floral printed ajrakh blouses design

 Girls who want a professional look without wearing western clothes then this design is for you , a very elegant and professional floral printed blouse design. Round neck with half sleeves dotted cut pattern on the hands,back design changed the overall look of the blouse and it’s looking very classy and rich. Pair this design with a simple and elegant necklace and earrings. Will go with any of your saree.

Trending unique floral printed ajrakh blouse design

 Double pattern on one blouse gives you a classic look. Glass shaped cut of black material with a cute little knot on the end of the blouse. There are two patterns on the hand area that are very cute . Match this with any of your traditional saree with bold makeup and less jewellery.

Off sleeves latest ajrakh floral printed blouse design

Try out these latest designs of ajrak with very soft material.  Two patterns multiple purpose blouse design can easily pair with any of your saree. Don’t wear any kind of jewellery because it’s already too much work on the neck area and all over the blouse.

Fancy floral printed ajrakh blouse design


Traditional blouse for traditional look . Very beautiful block printed floral design on the hand and chest area. Round back neck is very attractive and beautiful. Mountain cut on the both of the hands is very stylish. Pair this blouse with any of your bold colour saree. Pair gold plated jewellery or silver plated jewellery and flaunt your beautiful look in every party.

Attractive multi color printed ajrakh blouse design

 Investment in this types of blouse will save your maximum money want to know why ? I will tell you because there different types of patterns in one blouse and as well as well as different types of colours also it means that you can wear this blouse with any of your multi color saree or sarees in colour of red, dark blue, yellow, white,green and floral printed saree also. Do little bit makeup some simple bangles and that’s it you will look fabulous.


These are the collections of Floral and multiple colour print , budget friendly and perfect for wedding’s and to gift anyone who is getting married. You don’t have to wear too much makeup and heavy jewellery just keep it minimal and simple . Open and Curly hairs would be the best option for these heavy printed work and a black bindi.

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