How to Use Your Custom Folded Business Cards as Branding Tools

Your business’s branding is a crucial asset. Branding is not just about having unique company logos and colors. It’s your business’s entire identity and personality. Companies with strong branding get recognized more often. Distinct logos, attractive marketing materials, etc., make brands more memorable.

While branding has always been a critical part of running a business, its importance is stronger than ever. That’s because social media platforms expose consumers to new brands almost every day. For consumers, this is great. They get to research multiple brands before finding the one they like.

However, businesses have to take extra steps to ensure their branding stands out in the crowd. High-quality branding can –

  • Help companies build trust with target audiences.
  • Improve their advertising efforts to boost brand recognition.
  • Employees feel like they’re a part of a mission where every team member has the same values.
  • High-quality branding also creates loyal customers who recognize your brand from your company logos, colors, etc.

In many ways, branding tools can appeal to people’s emotions. That’s why companies must aim to add more branding tools to their marketing arsenals. An even better strategy is using existing business items as promotional tools. Business cards are famous for helping professionals make the right impressions on clients, peers, etc.

Can you make your company’s business card an essential branding tool? A business card with a high-quality design style, decent content, and other design elements can be an amazing branding tool. Here’s how professionals can transform their business cards into effective branding tools –

Go for Folded, Two-Sided Cards

Two-sided folded business cards offer plenty of space to print design elements, branding elements (logos, company colors, etc.) You can quadruple the amount of space you have for printing branding details by using both sides of folded cards. Incorporate all types of branding details in these cards.

The recipients of your folded, two-sided business cards will have the option to expand the cards and learn more.

Maintain Brand Identity

The leading sellers of business cards use digital printing tools. They can print all types of sophisticated artwork on 3” x 2” business cards. Don’t refrain from including design elements that define your brand in your custom business cards.

What does your average customer think about when they think of your brand? Whatever “iconic” brand detail you want to share, print it on your business card. Pick business card sellers who offer full-color printing. If your company colors are critical to your branding, maintain a consistent color scheme in your business cards.

Maintain Your Brand Voice

What tone did you use in your previous branding or marketing tools? Was it straight-laced, humorous, jolly, or super-professional? Make sure your business card features similar types of text. The style of typography will also impact the tone of the text. For instance, a creative brand should have a business card with eye-catching fonts and taglines.

Modern-day business cards are made of durable materials like cardstock. Once you order a set of well-designed business cards, you can use them for years as branding tools.

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