Promotional Labels: Get Your Customers Buying on Impulse

Have you ever gone to a store either physically or online and ended up buying items that you had not planned on buying? Something attracted you to the product, and you purchased it on impulse.


Companies mainly use promotional labels to increase sales and raise product awareness. Some business owners have not discovered the power of promotional labels in encouraging impulse purchasing. Read more about 7 wonders city.


It is crucial to have a clear objective for printing promotional labels. Once you’ve determined the reason(s) for your need for promotional labels, you’ll be able to select the best type of promotional label that will suit your requirements.


Types of Promotional Labels

Coupon labels

It is a common belief that coupon labels can be redeemed in-store. Therefore, many customers are drawn to products that have coupon labels. The labels are used at the point of sale to encourage impulse purchases.


To capture the attention of buyers, make your coupons attractive. This you can achieve through the use of eye-catching graphics and colorful materials to improve their visibility from a distance. To make coupon labels successful, use repositionable sealants that can be easily peeled off and used as instant redeemable coupons.


Piggyback labels

Piggylabels are made of a repositionable top layer and a bottom layer that permanently sticks to the product. You can design the top layer as a coupon that customers can use to redeem items in-store. Piggyback coupons are also ideal for encouraging correspondence as the top layer can be applied to envelopes in response to a promotion.


QR code labels

QR code labels can be easily put on your product’s packaging. They are commonly used to provide a link between the manufacturers and consumers. Very few customers would be willing to link with a business unless they believe that they will gain something in return.


Use QR codes to direct customers to your website, where they can enter sweepstakes and win prizes. The requirement for participating in the sweepstakes should be a receipt number from the purchase of your product. Big companies use this strategy to boost sales, and this has proven to be successful.


News notes

News notes are an excellent way to inform potential customers about a new product. When targeting a specific audience, news notes are the best option. They are repositionable adhesive stickers that are placed in magazines, newspapers, and direct mail marketing.


News notes are easy to peel off and reapply without causing any damage to the newsprint. Give sufficient information about your product that will cause the reader to purchase on impulse.



Promotional labels are an excellent method used by companies to promote their products and boost sales. Take time to understand how each label works and choose the one that meets your promotional needs.


Also, ensure that you choose the best label material for your product. Consider elegant foil labels on your coffee bags for seasonal varieties. I bet they’d do great at promoting sales.

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