The construction of a multi-million-rupee ‘Tourism Expressway’ is underway


An “expressway” to travel between Rawalpindi to Murree and beyond will be completed by 2020. The road will act as a detour between several of the region’s most important cities. Murree, Kotli Sattian & Kahuta will be the primary destinations for tourists on this route.

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Recommended width and length of the new tourism highway

As per the development’s high ranking officials, a 123-mile stretch of the current roadway would be enlarged and renovated from 13 ft to a maximum of 24 feet. A narrower road would make traffic flow more efficient, even while the route’s length remained the same.


Green spaces and playgrounds with fruit-bearing shrubs will greatly increase the aesthetic of the road. As stated by government sources, the freeway would be bordered by a smattering of urban centres, including shopping malls, hotels, resorts, and other commercial structures. To further enhance the expressway’s aesthetic appeal to passing tourists, vast green spaces with fruit-bearing tree trunks will be constructed alongside it. To make travelling on the highway easier, rest stops and rest areas with all the necessary amenities will be available.


The federal government estimates that the cost of building Pakistan’s tourist highway will be PKR 4.5 billion. Being more than one hundred kilometres long, this is a massive undertaking that demands thorough research, planning, and execution. It is also believed that the development of this motorway project will commence soon.


Motorways & highways link all of the country’s key trade and tourist attractions from north to south, beginning near China-border Pakistan’s just at Karakoram Highway. As a crucial player in China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI)—locally termed as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor—strategic Pakistan’s location considerably enhances its regional prominence (CPEC). Recently, a number of ground-breaking infrastructure developments have been launched under the CPEC banner in an effort to increase connectivity throughout Pakistan. The Hakla-DI Khan Motorway and the M-15 Hazara Motorway are some of the most notable achievements in this area.

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What’s new with this endeavour?


For the most recent information on the government’s proposed tourism expressway, including its projected route and development scope, see the following:

To mark the beginning of construction on the Tourism Expressway, the Punjab government will host two ceremonies: one in Kahuta & one in Kotli Sattian in Punjab’s Rawalpindi region. The roadway project’s development will begin in December. The 123-kilometer-long Tourism Expressway will be inaugurated by Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. A high-profile session between federal government executives and senior MPs recently determined this. The Tourism Expressway is planned to be operational within 18 months after the start of development, according to the originally communicated timetable.


Pakistan has some of the world’s most magnificent natural features, including lush green landscapes, scenic lakes, and snow-capped mountain ranges, drawing a great number of visitors each year. There have been a number of noteworthy national & provincial efforts in recent years to take advantage of this potential and boost the country’s tourism industry. Further progress in this direction has been made with establishing a multi-million rupees “tourist expressway.” The federal government has devised a detailed strategy to implement a 123-kilometre-long road project with millions of rupees. The primary goal of this upgrade to the country’s roadway infrastructure is to make tourist attractions more accessible. Do you want to work with Sigal Developments?

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