Where Does the Pakistan Property Market Stand in The Coming Years?

Pakistan’s real estate sector makes a significant contribution to the country’s economic development. According to World Bank estimates, real estate assets account for 60 to 70 percent of a country’s overall wealth; if these figures are applied to Pakistan, the real estate sector would be worth $300 to $400 billion. Real estate did not go well in 2019 due to numerous financial, economic, and political issues. However, there are great expectations for strong real-estate growth in 2020. Real estate has been slowing since 2017 due to political unrest and uncertainty over economic and financial policy. Read more about Kingdom Valley.


The real estate market in Lahore has been stable for over a year. Because of the lower pricing, many genuine buyers have been able to stay active and build their dream homes. According to experts, a significant change following the elections. However, this hasn’t happened yet because the government has yet to declare any real estate reforms. Thus no projections for this effect can be made at this time. When it comes to DHA, genuine purchasers prefer it the most when building a home. Most purchasers choose Phase VI, VI extension, and Prism IX. Therefore activity in these areas is expected to continue. On the other side, prices in Lake City have risen by 15% to 20% in the last year, owing to the continued attention of serious purchasers. We believe that more will follow if more investors come on board and see the project’s potential.

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The real estate industry in Karachi is broad, with numerous prospects for a variety of participants. This means that both investors and real buyers will find something to their liking. According to property experts, Karachi’s Scheme 33 (Safoora to Malir) offers the most investment and construction potential. Housing complexes such as Saadi Town, Saadi Garden, Gulshan-e-Meran, and PCSIR are among them. DHA is the most reputable name for home buyers. According to experts, therefore, the business has remained steady. DHA City is currently the most sought-after option for all potential buyers since it is the newest addition to DHA’s lengthy list of appealing projects. DHA Phase VIII is also a popular choice. However, most residents are waiting for DHA City to open. Market activity has been consistent overall. Construction is still happening all around the city, especially in housing complexes, where investment is still modest.


Up until a year ago, Islamabad’s real estate had a lot of highly exciting projects that drew a huge number of serious buyers and investors, but activity has slowed since then. While builders collaborate with many architects to create stunning structures, most investors are wary of the market. In DHA, Gulberg, and B-17, genuine purchasers are eager to purchase. Gulberg offers a lot of stunning developments that take advantage of Islamabad’s natural surroundings to enhance the quality of life. Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad’s real estate markets are doing well get the idea from Kingdom Valley Islamabad, owing to the continued interest of legitimate buyers. However, everyone is now waiting for the government to take meaningful measures toward enacting reforms to boost investment in this area. Many real estate brokers and experts feel that maintaining activity in this sector. The government needs to implement several crucial reforms before December.


Unpopulated/underdeveloped areas, such as plots or files, functioned more or less like stocks, with a high level of volatility. They have given enormous gains three times in the last two decades, but they have shown either zero or negative growth over a long time. Overall, residents in developed areas stayed steady, and when combined with rental revenue, they likely provided greater earnings in all conditions. The government maintains a policy of “no questions asked” when it comes to the source of funds, and the financial industry has remained the ideal spot to stash black money for decades. As a result, a real estate bubble has formed, with artificial price hikes and a widening supply-demand disparity in the housing market.

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