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If you are tired of writing a lot of guest blog posts for rejection, posting on low-level sites, or not changing traffic at all, keep reading to learn how to create the best guest posts! You can WRITE FOR US TECHNOLOGY


Before you start making your post, think about the site you are posting to first. Read other Quality site guest posts and see what quality they are and how they are formatted to gather specific information about what yours should look like (or how you can stand out from the crowd!). Additionally, read more comments on the blog itself and try to create an audience view for yourself. Consider posts that include more comments and analyze what they have in common. In order to generate more ROI for your blog posts, it is important that your posts generate ideas and create a sound for that blog.

Get Ideas

Once you have progressed through the blog to create guest posts, you now need to start generating ideas. While making sure it is consistent with your backlink site is important, you need to make sure that the post is not only unique but something that will definitely capture the reader’s interest.

For ideas, consider checking news feeds like Google News, Yahoo! News, or consider Reddit. Typing on any topic will usually expose any relevant topics related to the topic and may find your artistic juices flowing.

Create Your Post

Creating your post should take a lot of time. You need to make it the appropriate length for the selected subject. Instead of running fast and writing posts that meet a minimum of 350 words, ignore your number of words. Instead, just write down everything that goes with your post and keep it to a high standard because it will not only ensure that the webmaster authorizes it, but also that you get a good reader response.

Here are a few other tips and tricks to make a smart guest blog post:

Keep it simple – If you do not write on any professional site that caters to people with higher education, you should keep your words simple and easy to understand. Treat your students as if they were fifth-graders to make sure you do not confuse any of them. If your readers are unable to understand the words, then they will not understand the posts that are being translated to the potentially lost customer.

Links – Instead of having your own link in the post, consider a few others, incoming and outgoing. Try linking to another page or other blog (webmasters love this!), And add an extra outbound link so it doesn’t look like you’re shoving your backlink into a reader’s face. Interlinking is an amazing SEO strategy that is a must for any blog so it proves to be very useful for guest blogging. Make sure your links are useful to viewers and not just build links and make sure links are 100% related to the content you post.

Topics are important – While some blogs have full text, others have only a brief quote and a highlighted topic. This means that you should immediately get the student’s attention on the subject of the killer. Suggestions for something amazing, embarrassing, or interesting for your post. Additionally, consider asking a question or making a list of top items (i.e. the top ten laptops of 2013). I would advise you to do some keyword research before coming up with a post title, it helps to find targeted keywords that are less competitive so you can easily find a good post position in major search engines.

Bookmark the live URL of your new guest post – Once your guest post is live, post it to all public bookmarking websites to help you get targeted traffic and get it displayed faster.

Common Mistakes

Maximum over quality – If you post ten posts in 20 minutes on various blogs, then we congratulate you on not only being a speed writer but probably spending your valuable time. It is highly unlikely that these positions will attract, maintain or run, or have all the qualifications required to be accepted on solid and high PR sites. Spend 20 minutes on one post and reap the rewards by submitting an excellent backlink! If you do not have time to spend on a good blog post, consider renting a content writing service instead! The more engaging your content is, the more interesting and problem-solving it is, the more likely people are to want to connect with it themselves.

It’s boring – whether it’s a boring topic or a topic, you lose readers. Make it snazzy and steal their attention quickly! Use the keyword research you have done to find real problems in a niche and provide a good solution with a relevant topic that just needs to be clicked.
Low PR Sites – Focus your attention on blogs that will appear to be an important source of backlinks, not those that are low-quality and low-key. If you are having trouble finding high PR sites to host guest blog posts, consider purchasing a guest posting service from a reputable SEO company. Always check that the blog you are submitting has one or more Google Page ranks, has good domain authority, and does not contain duplicate content. This will ensure that the blog you are submitting is of good quality and will not be penalized by Google in the future.

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