10 Innovative Web Design Trends for 2022

This year’s New Year’s Eve is upon us, and we’re looking into the upcoming trends in web design for 2022. Think about the sites you’ve visited in the past few months. There’s probably a handful that stood out to you because of their user-friendly interface and attractive layout. The same goes for sites with poor user experiences. They stay with you and may leave you with a negative impression of the company.
We decided to showcase the 2022 website design trends that are enormously impacting the web. It’s crucial to highlight the impressive design work that caught our attention, and we’ve provided some examples designed by our web design team, which has won awards. Please take a look as we share ideas for web design and give insight into the upcoming 2022 website trends in design.

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1. Micro Animations Enhance the Depth of Web Design

Although small animations aren’t in the realm of web designs, we anticipate that this trend will increase by 2022. Slight movements can bring websites into focus and gives visitors an engaging experience. Micro animations and designs could be a fantastic method to highlight important aspects of a webpage and draw users’ attention to them.
Our creative team came up with a fresh web style to support ASK Resource Center, an organization that works to help families of children who have disabilities; we utilized micro-animation on its homepage to show the communities they support.

2. Illustrated Web Design in 2022

Pages on the web that supplement photographs with illustrations are gaining popularity as a design trend. One of the primary reasons is that graphics are generally smaller and load more quickly than photography. In the wake of Google’s ongoing efforts to improve load speeds utilizing their Core Web Vitals page, experience measures. Web developers and designers are looking to improve the speed of the loading of web pages.
In the end, an exclusive custom illustration that isn’t available in any other place on the internet is an excellent method to grab users’ attention and spark their imagination. Making an effort to spend time and money on an original, high-quality illustration and not just a re-used stock image will pay off immensely.

3. Dark Mode, low Dark Mode, and Low UX Internet Design Trends

Some companies are starting to offer dark-mode versions of their websites, and we think this design trend will continue to increase by 2022. The dark-mode, nightshift, and other user interfaces that are low-light options give users an app or website with a low contrast that’s easier to glance at in dim light conditions.

4. The Monochromatic Design of Web Designs Trends

A monochromatic web design trend has been gaining momentum lately, and we are expecting this trend to continue until 2022. The style gives an uncluttered, simplistic design and allows elements with colors to grab the viewer’s focus. This style can be highly efficient if your company is focused on engaging users to call for taking action. Online insurance service Lemonade employs monochromatic design to create a pleasing style and encourage users to crucial information and actions.

5. Modern Minimalism: Simple Web Design Inspiration

Not only is the modern style visually appealing to behold and appreciate, but many modern web examples provide a simple and easy user experience. The New York-based cleaning firm, Softcircles, has a minimalist design that showcases their fun, engaging brand. There aren’t any flashy features to hinder visitors from reaching their aim of finding out additional information or making an appointment. Furthermore, it’s simple for visitors to locate relevant information on the website.

6. The art of storytelling in addition to Interactive Web Design Examples

Interactive web elements are becoming more popular, and the motion-based user experience trend is expected to be at the center of responsive websites in 2022. People are more likely to spend time on websites with interactive and responsive features. However, UX design trends like these can be costly and challenging to implement. The web design team wants to see more automated development methods appear, intending to reduce costs for customers who require innovative, interactive features for their websites.

7. Design Trends that are Clean and Neomorphic in 2022

Neomorphism graphic design emerged from the core of web 2.0 design, skeuomorphism, and flat designs. Essentially, Neomorphism delivers a clean, minimalist visual style that is uniform across the entire design. It’s a monochromatic style that focuses on shadows and slight hue changes. This permits users to concentrate on what’s important without causing visual chaos.
Although it is attractive to the eye, it can cause user experience issues if managed correctly since it cannot stand out in particular elements such as buttons. Due to this, the majority of UX experts suggest against this design. However, if it is adequately handled, Neomorphism web design could create a stunning design that feels fresh and crisp.

8. Rotating Animations: A upcoming Web Design trend that will add Interest

The most impressive website design concept that we’ve seen with rotating animation is The Disruption Company’s latest website design. The website’s design makes users want more, as you’ll be able to see an innovative and fresh branded video each when you refresh the homepage. This kind of fun surprise provides visitors with an unforgettable experience each time they go.

9. Non-traditional scrolling engages users on modern websites

More websites experiment with different scrolling techniques to create an experience that is unique for the user. The typical experience for scrolling is naturally vertical. Horizontal scrolling, such as this one in the Gelateria Amanda website, is a UX design trend that is innovative in a positive way and catches users’ attention while remaining functional and straightforward. It’s a great example of how the Gelateria Amanda website combines high-quality photographs of products, stunning illustrations, and animated typography to improve the user experience. In 2022, we’re eager to see new web designs that incorporate different types that aren’t traditional scrolling.

10. Video Embedded for Engaging Homepages in 2022

Utilizing a video as your website’s homepage is among the top web design trends of 2022. Blue Compass web designers and developers used embedded videos when designing the McAninch homepage. McAninch homepage. These videos highlight McAninch staff, its equipment, and projects and provide an insight into the typical day that might appear like. When visitors browse the McAninch website, they will be able to catch the videos’ Interests and aid in understanding their experience with the McAninch brand before they begin scrolling through the site. We suggest using video on the homepage if you plan to create your first website in 2022.

Closing words

We invite you to look into SoftCircles, LLC for more creative website design inspiration! Our Web design and development team has created an appealing and practical design that incorporates the best modern trends. If your company wants to take your website style to new levels, talk to our experts. Our website design in Nashville with UX Research experts who can transform your website design and conversion to new standards! Contact us now.

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