Basic Kitchen Layout Shapes pros and cons

What determines the design of your kitchen? You have heard the phrase “form follows function”. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen design. There are, however, some basic kitchen design features namely Straight, Galley, L, U, and G based on the work triangle.

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The working triangle is formed by following an invisible line between the sink, the width, and the refrigerator. No triangle leg is shorter than 4 feet or longer than 9 feet. The total length of all the legs is not more than 26 feet.

There are no obstacles in the triangle.


A single wall kitchen building is the smallest of all kitchen design buildings. There is indeed a triangle function as it is for obvious reasons. This kitchen design is ideal for small homes or as a second kitchen for larger houses. This type of kitchen plan is best suited for a well-functioning flat style and is usually installed in the style of a loft or open floor plans.

Due to its small size a single wall design is often borrowed from the use of integrated appliances. The hood/microwave works well here and the cooking area has a separate cooking area and oven. Try not to overload electrical appliances. Leaving enough cabinet space between appliances will make the kitchen more efficient.


The one-wall design completely eliminates the flow of outdoor traffic in this kitchen.
This is the perfect solution for a low open floor plan or a basic kitchen design.
It will probably be an expensive rental kitchen to renovate.

The lack of a traditional work triangle in a single-wall kitchen design makes it an inefficient kitchen layout.
Lack of size can lead to limited storage space.
Storage can be greatly reduced in a small kitchen like this.


The style of the galley or corridor style kitchen gets its name from the ship’s galley. This kitchen is also called a corridor kitchen layout or plan. With this kitchen plan all cabinets and appliances are on a straight path to opposite walls. This can be one of the most effective kitchens to cook in because of its small size. Everything the chef needs is not far from the hand and many movements back and forth of the chef can be eliminated here.

The main draw back to this layout kitchen is that it is designed as a way to get past the kitchen. This invites traffic to the kitchen and as a result things can get crowded. Take at least 4 feet between tables to allow enough space.

Try to prevent visitors from passing if possible. With careful consideration this kitchen can provide enough cabinet storage and space for counting. Space-saving appliances such as small refrigerators and cabinet appliances are ideal for this kitchen design.


Due to the small working area and the basic structure of the kitchen this is one of the most efficient kitchens you can use.
It is easy to keep clean and free of clutter.
Limited space means remodeling this kitchen should be less expensive.

Traffic can be a problem if the galley kitchen is open at both ends.
The cooks often interact with other guests and may feel isolated in the kitchen with a porch.
It is usually not designed for processed food. Properly designed, a snack bar can be added.

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