Mobile Marketing and Advertising Taking Over The World!

Vietnam Phone:

Although mobile phone sales first appeared in Vietnam in 2006, the last two years have seen as wide growth and penetration rates as no one could have imagined in 2006. A study by the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) shows that Vietnam is now home to more than 2006 people. 30 million mobile phones. Mobile phone buyers have become fascinated with many new mobile marketing techniques. VNPT reports widespread acceptance of mobile marketing campaigns that allow users to participate in their favorite games. In addition, many Vietnamese banks have developed mobile banking systems, which allow users to monitor their accounts over their mobile phones and pay bills through their messaging skills.

Development Room:

While no one can deny the success of mobile media in Vietnam, there is still room for improvement. VNPT found that “many Vietnamese mobile phone customers ‘do not fully understand that cell phone advertising sends spam.’”

Mobile Media is a Global Practice:

VNPT research proves that mobile media is a global phenomenon. Very few regions around the world can be affected by changes and developments in the environment. As a result, mobile advertisers have a large audience that can send messages to them as well as a high percentage of people who are willing to listen. We continue to preach the effect that brands will have if they do not jump on the board now. Consider joining Social Media before the Facebook Boom and MySpace. The ball is on your court. Do you go to Slam Dunk or do you just take the missed misses?

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